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Our previous projects

Harvest platform for agricultural investment and development

It is the first electronic agricultural platform in the Middle East and Turkey that provides a number of electronic agricultural services in a modern way to shorten you a lot of time and effort and save you a lot of money as it makes it easier for investors and saves them the costs of agricultural companies, time and effort of research and high prices Which agricultural companies take in return for the services they provide to investors and farms.

Hasaad Company

Hasaad Company for Investment and Agricultural Services in Turkey, where the company is active in the state of Konya. The company offers several services to its clients, from purchasing land and preparing it to cultivating the land and handing it over as an integrated farm. The company also offers a rewarding investment opportunity in agriculture using modern technology to manage crops and lands. This investment is characterized by high returns.

Kunafa Diyari Menu

Kunafa Diyari for sweets, cocktails, juices and Arabic food. Basma application is an initiative that aims to reach a society free of diseases related to the mouth and teeth, which is reflected on the health of the body as a whole.