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Turkish Universities

Tamkeen is one of the leading educational companies in Türkiye, as it has contracts and partnerships with more than 50 universities 

Acceptance rate in private Turkish universities
  • Provides professional and educational opportunities 
  • It provides academic and professional programs in Turkish and English  
  • Reasonable costs of living compared to other countries
  • Multinationality, which allows you to form relationships and partnerships with different cultures  
  • The picturesque nature and geographical diversity provide opportunities for recreation and tourism 
  • Health Care Türkiye has an advanced health system that provides appropriate medical care to students and residents 
  •  Security and living stability
  • Academic Quality : Turkish universities offer high-quality, internationally recognized educational programs taught by qualified staff with extensive experience 

  • International accreditation, as Turkish universities are recognized by the European Union and Arab countries, in addition to many countries around the world. 

  • Turkish universities feature modern buildings and colleges equipped with the latest technologies and resources, including well-stocked libraries, advanced laboratories, and comfortable, quiet accommodation.

  • Turkish universities provide a variety of multicultural, sporting, and social activities that help students adapt and integrate..
  • Turkish universities offer education at competitive prices both internationally and regionally.

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